I Almost Died…Coming Soon – My NDE Testimony & God’s CPR For Your Faith!

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~Flossie Stewart, Christian Inspirational & Fiction Author~

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November 16, 1985 was almost the last day of my life…

Blurred hospital corridor concept emergency case

Have you been through a traumatic event? 

I’ve often said, God can take the “lemons” life has handed you and turn it into some of the best “lemonade” you’ve ever “tasted”. But you have to give Him the lemons! Whatever it is the devil intended to use to destroy you, God wants to take it and turn it into your testimony, just as He has done for me! He can and He will!

On Saturday, November 16, 1985, I was in a horrific auto accident that derailed my nursing career and changed my life forever. Only later, through the divine power of the Holy Spirit revealing it to me, along with the help of my psychiatrist, would I come to learn…

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