Votes Needed! This Week’s Flash Fiction Challenge…and YOUR Writing Prompt

cropped-2014-01-15_14-05-07_194-copy-3-copy-1.jpgSo I did it. I decided to enter this week’s Indies Unlimited Weekly Flash Fiction Challenge. I don’t usually do these, but this week, I felt led to try it. So, I need your vote! But you have to hurry and get your vote in, the poll closes Thursday, November 21 at 5 PM Pacific time.

They have a picture up each week, and entrants are to use this as inspiration. There is a 250 word limit, so it won’t take you but a minute or two to read my story. And just so you know, even though their rules say we can’t write anything “religious”, or political, etc, I still felt I could be inspirational. And if it gets my name out there, so that I can make a difference as I continue my own work, on the grander scale of things, then I am all for it. I work in obedience to the Great Author Himself, Who guides my work and all that I do.

The winner for the week is decided by vote, although the Editor’s Choice winners will eventually be compiled into an anthology. They have a poll embedded in the post with our names, mine and the other six entrants for this week. It’s easy. Click here first:, then scroll down to the comments section, where our entries are posted. My story is about the 5th one down. Take a moment to read it (and the others if you want to), then go to this page:, scroll down, and you’ll see my name, and the other entrants for this week listed in the poll, so you can vote for me, and let me know what ya think. To be fair, if you think someone else’s better deserves the vote, that’s fine too, but I hope you will vote for mine.

Now, for YOUR Writing Prompt… 

Then, if you are a writer yourself, why not follow their page and enter next week’s challenge? You never know, you just might win. If you do, be sure to let me know in the comments here, so I can go back and vote for you! Come on! It’s only 250 words…and a chance to get your name out there! I’ll be looking for your post!

Hey, it’s what we writers do, right? Writers helping writers. You’re welcome. 😉

And thank you! Not only for your vote (if you decide to vote for my story), but for taking the time to read my posts, follow my page, and maybe share a post if you find something helpful. Our readers and supporters are the reason we keep writing. For more on how I work and my upcoming books, click here, and be sure to subscribe because I’ve got some great new books coming very soon!

So, consider this your “writing prompt” as well. What if YOUR story could change someone’s life? Mine will be available soon. I’ll be looking to hear about yours as well! The picture above (the feature photo) is your “writing prompt” from me…just imagine that is YOUR book in the picture, that someone is getting ready to sit down to read. Is there a book stuck inside you? The world will never know if you don’t write it!

Together, we can make a difference.



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