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I write powerful, emotionally moving stories that take the reader on a journey, and leave you inspired to dream and believe in the impossible. To me, writing is like “painting a picture” on the canvas of the reader’s mind.

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Hello, and welcome, I’m Flossie Stewart. Grab some coffee and let’s sit down for a few minutes. I’m an independently published author with one of my first two books still currently available on Amazon, B&N.com, and Books-a-Million. (My writing is currently undergoing a “facelift” in a sense, click here for more on that.) I hold an Associate’s Degree in Office Systems Technology, which has given me skills that have contributed greatly to my writing as well as in other areas of my life. I’m now in the process of acquiring my own imprint, which my upcoming books will be published under. Rivers of Grace books is an imprint of K&F Stewart Ministries, which my husband, Keith and I are in the process of forming. I have two new books coming out soon, as well as a two book set, which I plan to have available in the near future. In my book, CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door (Resuscitating the Christian Heart, Yes, Your Ship is Coming In), written especially for survivors of traumatic events and the discouraged, I will share my testimony of my Near Death Experience in a car accident in November of 1985 and the wisdom I have gained through the life-changing power of Christ on my long road to healing.

As for my fiction works, I write powerful, emotionally moving stories that take the reader on a journey, and leave you inspired to dream and believe in the impossible. To me, writing is like “painting a picture” on the canvas of the reader’s mind. LOGAN, Chain of Grace, is a Christian Inspirational/Suspense page turner that Keith and I have brainstormed together about a 5-year-old boy who suddenly goes missing and sets off a chain reaction of God’s grace that will turn his whole town upside down, and reveal some long hidden secrets in the process. Having worked in NC Corrections and Probation, my husband, Keith, contributed to the Law Enforcement aspects of the story. My “Sadie’s Love” Duology, an emotionally powerful Women’s Inspirational story which follows a lovable Siberian husky on her journey to becoming a Seizure Alert and Response Dog, and leaving her paw prints on everyone’s hearts in the process, will be available sometime in the near future as well. I also have a FREE short story download for you, for more on that, click here.

My husband, Keith and I live in North Carolina and in addition to working on my books, I also enjoy singing and song writing, playing my clarinet at church, and relaxing at home with Keith or playing my Native American flute. Together, we also enjoy singing in the church choir, building the Kingdom for Christ with our church family and spending time with family and our grandsons. I am the mother of a son and two daughters, and a grandmother to three very active and smart boys who call me “Mamaw”. My youngest earned her B.A. in Psychology in 2017 and her master’s in May 2019 in Social Work. She started her new job right after graduation and loves it so far. My husband also has three adult children, one of whom just earned his Bachelor’s in Psychology as well, and is now working on his master’s. His wife finished her Bachelor’s in Information Science in December 2019. We are proud of all they are working to become! One of my favorite bible verses is Philippians 4:13, which my mother made us recite every time she caught us saying, “I can’t”. I am a firm believer that what God has done for me, He will do for you! Thanks for stopping by, and may God richly bless you, as He has me!

NOTE TO MY READERS: Remember that saying we all learned in our high school Economics class (or whatever fancy name they call it now), “Caveat Emptor” – “Let the buyer beware”? Well, that applies here. You may find copies of my books on other sites, either as free downloads, or even with a price that is twice what I actually charge for them. My advice? Don’t even bother to click on those (I don’t recommend it 😉 ). Obviously there are those out there who have chosen to “pirate” my work, as well as that of other authors, but if you order directly from the websites I listed above, I will actually earn the royalties from the sale, and you will avoid potentially downloading a nasty little surprise onto your computer. You’re welcome. 🙂

You can preview my books currently available and books coming soon by clicking the Books tab. Catch up on my latest blog posts via the In Flossie’s Words… tab. To receive email notifications on my upcoming releases, subscribe via the Subscribe tab. I’m also on Facebook and Twitter. Know someone who could use this information? Share the page with a friend! Thanks for stopping by!

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