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But God had a different plan…

cropped-flossie-stewart-7.jpgThat’s right. At twenty years old, I almost left this world. Later, in the vision He showed me of my Near Death Experience, I would see that I had indeed left my body. As I hovered in the air above the scene of the accident, I could see Him, as big as the sky. I saw the whole experience, which I’ll get more into in the book. His words to me were…

“No, go back. It’s not your time. I’m not finished with you yet. Go back.”

It would be years before I grew into the maturity to see God’s calling on my life. As many of us do in our young years, I rebelled, against my parents, and, though I couldn’t see it at the time, against God. I didn’t wait on the plan God had for my life. Thankfully, God gave me another chance, and, thanks to their prayers for me, He helped me find my way back onto that straight and narrow path. It was a long, hard road for me, and I had to endure a lot of difficult trials before I saw the true light of His love, and that His plan for me was much better than anything I could ever come up with. But He is a God of second, and even third chances. I want to tell you today, that what He has done for me, He will do for you! I’ll get more into my personal testimony in my new book, along with the powerful truths He has given me to share with you. You only need to open that door of your heart to Him today…

Yes, my friend, GOD looked into the future and saw you…

Now, in my book, “CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door”, available from K&F Stewart Memorial Ministries, (initials of my husband’s and my first names, Keith & Flossie and in his memory), under my new imprint, Rivers of Grace Books, I will share my story, along with what I’ve learned on my long road to healing, and what God has given me to share with you about the special kind of “CPR” your faith needs.

You may be one of many people who have been through a life altering event and reached a point of feeling there is no hope. I know what that feels like. I’ve been there. While I certainly don’t claim to have all the answers (only God’s Word fits that category), I do know that what God has done for me, He can do for you.

I’ve often said, God can take the “lemons” life has handed you and turn it into some of the best “lemonade” you’ve ever “tasted”. But you have to give Him the lemons! Whatever it is the devil intended to use to destroy you, God wants to take it and turn it into your testimony, just as He has done for me! He can and He will!

November 16, 1985 was almost the last day of my life. I was in a horrific auto accident that derailed my nursing career and changed my life forever. Only later, through the divine power of the Holy Spirit revealing it to me, along with the help of my psychiatrist, would I come to learn that I had gone through a Near Death Experience, and that I had indeed passed through death’s door. Although I was left with a fractured hip, a terrible head injury, a speech problem I still suffer from although it isn’t immediately obvious, and other problems due to the traumatic brain injury (specifically, right temporal and frontal lobe damage, my head actually dented the dashboard, and I was unconscious), PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and psychological scars that would last long after the physical ones had healed, through Christ and His healing power in my life, I have triumphed over it all and gone on to write “CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door” (Resuscitating the Christian Heart, Yes, Your Ship is Coming In!),  available now on Amazon in print (paperback) and ebook, and Barnes & Noble in hard cover (paperback should be available soon).  In the book, I will tell my story, and share with you what God has taught me on my long road to healing. I know that just as He has done for me, your faith will be renewed, and you will be on your way to discovering His plan to take whatever has happened in your life and turn it into a powerful testimony to help others! I hope you will get your copy today, and remember, what He has done for me, He will do for you! I pray my story will be a blessing to you and inspire you to share your own story with others. I give Him all the glory, for without Him, I would be nothing!

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