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My writing is now under new management in a sense. I now have my own imprint, Rivers of Grace Books, which my future books, at least for now, will be published under. I have been going through a kind of spiritual awakening with my writing, so expect big differences in my upcoming releases! I have learned a lot that I didn’t know when I first got started, and I have had some great folks to work with who have helped me. As a Christian writer, I am no longer concerned about making the New York Times Bestseller List, but about writing what God, the Great Author, gives me to write. With this in mind, I have felt led to remove my first two books from sale. Let’s just say it’s an experience I have learned from. My stories from here on out will carry the message I feel God wants me to project to my readers, and hopefully, inspire them to better their lives, dream big, and believe He can make the impossible happen in their lives, just as He has in mine. I have now put God and my Savior, Jesus Christ first in my writing, so as I said, big changes are in progress! Bookmark the page or subscribe via the subscribe tab so when my new ones come out, you will be among the first to know!

Coming Soon:

Have you been through a traumatic event?

Felt like giving up?

Does your faith need God’s CPR?

November 16, 1985 was almost the last day of my life…

Now, at a time when giving up is simply not an option, more people than ever are giving up on their faith. We are the Body of Christ, yet the “pulse” has weakened…


…and the clock is ticking as we move ever toward the return of Jesus, our Lord, to rapture the Church…

If you don’t read another book this coming year, you don’t want to miss this one!

Coming Soon from Rivers of Grace Books…


An imprint of K & F Stewart Ministries…

CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door

(Resuscitating the Christian Heart, Yes, Your Ship is Coming In!)

stethoscope isolated on white background. 3d illustration. medical concept

As my family watched me being rushed from the ambulance into the emergency room, bleeding from a gaping head wound, and in agony from a fractured pelvis, they didn’t know if I was even going to make it…



…GOD looked into the future and saw you…

Now, in my book, “CPR For Your Faith From Beyond Death’s Door”, coming soon from K&F Stewart Ministries, (initials of my husband’s and my first names, Keith & Flossie), under our new imprint, Rivers of Grace Books, I will share my story, along with what I’ve learned on my long road to healing, and what God has given me to share with you about the special kind of “CPR” your faith needs.

Have you been through a traumatic event in your life? Have you lost your faith and felt like giving up? Then my upcoming book is for you! Click here to read more…


* * * * *

Fiction Books Coming Soon:

Sadie’s Love – A 2 Book Boxed Set

Siberian husky on blue sky background

Book 1 – Trail of Love * Book 2 – Masterpiece of Love     

A Heartwarming Story of a Dog’s Love! Get the tissues ready for this one. Sadie will leave her paw prints all over your heart, for sure! 

LOGAN – Chain of Grace


Unexpected grace. Renewed hope. Determined faith…

Five-year-old Logan Staighton has disappeared, and so has Arthur Madison. So far, the search has turned up very few clues. Officer Trevor Staighton, Logan’s dad, is running out of patience and the Crystal View Falls PD is running out of options. For all they know, Logan may be running out of time, and the clock is ticking…

…and a town that will never be the same.

One missing little boy is about to start a chain reaction of God’s grace that will turn the little North Carolina mountain town of Crystal View Falls upside down, as well as reveal some long hidden secrets. For some, it could mean redemption. For others, it could bring painful memories to the surface and re-open old wounds that might have been better left in the past. For Arthur, a reclusive, homeless Viet Nam Veteran and self-proclaimed mountain man with PTSD,  it will take blind faith and a daring venture into the jungles of his past to find the strength and determination to make it through. As he finds himself suddenly being forced out of his quiet world and thrust into the center of it all, his courage is fueled only in summoning the strength he has long since forgotten he had.

* * * * * 

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