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Books Currently Available:

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                                                     MYSTERY AT WINDY MOUNTAIN  


“Mystery at Windy Mountain” is an emotionally powerful, Native American Time Travel/Family Adventure Saga that was inspired by a very dear late Native American friend and mentor of mine. Although this one has garnered a few negative reviews, as it is my first book, I do hope you’ll give it a chance anyway. Let’s just say, I know a lot more now than I did then, and the best is yet to come! 
The past and the present are about to collide…In a way that will leave one family’s future changed…forever! A powerful and emotionally gripping Native American Mystery/Time Travel Adventure that will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget! The wind seems to blow in whispers..Almost like voices in the wind. The Wilkerson family is in for a summer vacation they will never forget…
THE RIVER HAS SECRETS SHE WILL NEVER TELL…but Anna knows a few of them… Now in Hard Cover Edition on B&!


“Summer of the Rose”  Although this one was inspired by a movie called “Tuck Everlasting”, which my son introduced me to, it is truly special to me as it was Divinely inspired by God, and the main theme seems to center around not only what could happen if we were somehow allowed to take time into our own hands, but also, perhaps inspiring readers to think of what it means for each of us to wait for the one God has for us. 

First book in the “Secrets of Rose River” Time Travel Trilogy! – A Southern Historical Time Travel Fantasy with just the right touch of romance, this one is sure to appeal to young and old alike! Somewhere in the forest lies a secret… Anna and Jonathan are about to discover it… Romance. Secrets. Adventure. A coming of age time travel tale you won’t soon forget!  THE RIVER HAS SECRETS SHE WILL NEVER TELL…



Be sure to look for Book 2 in the “Secrets of Rose River” Time Travel Trilogy, “Scent of the Rose”, coming in the near future! And just a note to my readers on this, I apologize for the long wait on Book 2, but I have gone through some big changes in my life, mostly for the better, although much of it has taken me away from this particular project for a while, but I promise, it’s coming! I have been working on it, but I have something really big in the works right now, so I am working on it when I get the time. Just be sure you have subscribed, and when it’s available, you’ll be among the first to know!


Books Coming Soon:

Siberian husky on blue sky background
Coming Soon! “Sadie’s Love”  (More info later 😉 ) – A Heartwarming Story of a Dog’s Love! Get the tissues ready for this one. Sadie will leave her paw prints all over your heart, for sure! 
LOGAN Chain of Grace – Unexpected grace. Renewed hope. Determined faith…5 year old Logan has disappeared into the woods behind his home…One little boy is about to start a chain reaction of God’s grace that will turn this town upside down, as well as reveal some long hidden secrets… but can they pull together? 

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